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Rug Cleaning Cheltenham

Rug Cleaning CheltenhamThere’s something luxurious about having your rugs and carpets professionally cleaned. They smell good, feel soft on your feet, and there’s a certain peace of mind that comes from knowing they’re hygienically fresh.

But few people realise how important it is to have rugs and carpets cleaned on a regular basis. Rugs in particular are notorious for collecting dust, dirt, mud, pet hairs and oils, and can exacerbate allergies and create an unhealthy environment in your home.

Myhome provides expert rug cleaning in Cheltenham and suburbs to treat, refresh and care for even the most delicate of fabrics �” from nylon, rayon and acetate to wool, cotton and silk.

We’ll inspect your rugs before cleaning to ensure we provide the safest and most thorough clean possible. After inspection, we use our Myhome exclusive Dry-Touch cleaning process to treat and remove even the toughest, deep-set stains.

Dry-Touch provides such superior stain removal that we believe if we can’t clean it, no one can.

Encapsulation: a better clean

While most cleaning services continue to use traditional methods of chemical and steam cleaning (really ‘hot water extraction’) to refresh carpets and rugs, these methods can be especially damaging to fabric fibres. Chemical cleaning fails to reach deep-set dirt, while steam cleaning leaves rugs soaking wet after cleaning and prone to shrinking. Both types of cleaning are notorious for leaving chemical deposits behind, which create an unpleasant smell, are unsafe to inhale and actually exacerbate dirt build-up.

Dry-Touch is an exciting new development in the rug cleaning services in Cheltenham �” and Australia �” has on offer, using new polymer technology to encapsulate and effortlessly remove dirt, dust mites, pollutants and oils that can settle deep into rug fibres.

Our Myhome Dry-Touch technicians follow a six-step encapsulation process for cleaning carpets and rugs that penetrates deep to remove hard-to-reach dirt and oils, without damaging the fabric with lingering chemicals. Once treated, rugs are vacuumed, groomed, and dry within one to two hours.

Guaranteed rug care

All our Dry-Touch services are followed by a post-clean treatment, where our Myhome technicians return the next day to ensure you’ve received what we believe is the most thorough rug cleaning Melbourne has to offer.

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